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Discover recipes with our Zuppa Reale together with The Girl Next Kitchen

In recent days, Chiara, a food blogger known on Instagram as The Girl Next Kitchen, had fun trying different recipes with Pavone’s mini cream puff Royal Soup.

The most traditional recipe calls for them to be eaten in broth, but that’s not all: in fact, Chiara has also made a tiramisu with cream puffs filled with chocolate instead of ladyfingers and a cake, decorated with our cream puffs.

Below, you can see in detail the steps for preparing the most traditional recipe, the royal beignet soup in broth. This recipe, typical of the Romagna tradition, is a dish that is usually prepared after the holidays, also to dispose of the great Christmas period binges and dispose of the leftover meat, which is usually used for the preparation of the broth.





30 min



324 Kcal

  • 20-30 mini cream puffs Zuppa Reale Pavone
  • Salt to taste
  • Parmesan to taste
  • Pepper as needed
  • 2 rosemary leaves


Prepare a meat or vegetable broth – perhaps using holiday leftovers – and, when it is ready and piping hot, serve it on a plate and dip the Pavone mini cream puffs inside.

Sprinkle everything with grated Parmigiano Reggiano, pepper and 2 rosemary leaves.


Royal pasta from broth can be kept for up to two weeks.


Put the marzipan directly into the broth already in the pot, before serving.