Imperial Soup Pack

Prezzo: 40,00


Pack of 24 packs of small cubes of crunchy dough with delicate taste, suitable for restaurateurs and companies that need large quantities of the product.

A traditional Bolognese specialty directly on your table: pour the nuts into the hot broth or minestrone and enjoy the imperial soup!
Natural nuts are also great as a snack or as a dressing for your salads.

Single package weight: 2.4 kg (24 pcs for 100 gr each)

Farina di grano tenero tipo “00” (contiene glutine), uova, acqua, margarina vegetale, formaggio grana padano, agente lievitante: difosfatodisodico e carbonato acido di sodio, noce moscata, sale, pepe. Può contenere tracce di latte e soia.