Mixed Pack

Prezzo: 25,00


Our mixed pack has been tailor-made for you. Inside you will find:

  • Beignet gr. 200 2 bags
  • Beignet gr. 100 6 bags
  • Royal Soup gr. 50 4 bags
  • Imperial soup gr. 100 3 ba


Mixed pack tailor-made for you with a better selection of our products.

If necessary, it will be possible to change the number of packages of individual products within the package.

Single package weight: 1.5 kg (200 gr beignet each + 100 gr beignet each + royal soup 50 grams each + imperial soup 100 grams each)

Eggs, type "00" soft wheat flour (contains gluten), vegetable margarine (palm oil, water), water, leavening agent: ammonium carbonate, salt. It may contain traces of milk and soy.