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Simple and light appetizers: salmon puffs

Are you looking for simple and light appetizers to make? Pavone has the right recipe to surprise your friends: savory cream puffs with salmon cream, cheese and rosemary, for
a delicious and easy to prepare aperitif.

Thanks to the delicious
Pavone cream puffs, just add the cheese and cream filling to the salmon to amaze your guests with a tasty plate of finger food. A quick and easy recipe to enrich your buffet with delicious snacks suitable for aperitifs and appetizers.





45 min



544 Kcal

-about 50 Pavone cream puffs
– ricotta 380 g
– Philadelphia 380 g
– Norwegian smoked salmon 500 g
– fresh rosemary to taste


Simple and light appetizers: prepare the salmon cream


  • ricotta 380 g
  • Philadelphia 380 g
  • Norwegian smoked salmon 250 g
  • rosemary to taste

To prepare our salmon, cheese and Philadelphia mousse cream, the first thing to do is roughly chop the Norwegian salmon and toss it in a pan with a drizzle of oil.

After about 2 minutes of cooking, as soon as it turns pink, remove it from the heat.

Then put the seared salmon into small pieces in a mixer together with the well-drained ricotta and Philadelphia. In addition, you can also add a little parsley, if you like.

Then chop everything up to obtain a smooth and homogeneous mixture, working the cream until it is completely blended.

Remove the mixture from the bowl and place it in a sac-à-few with a starry nozzle or in a glass container covered with a sheet of transparent film.

Finally, place the mousse in the refrigerator for at least an hour before actually using it. This will allow the mixture to blend better.

Compose your cream puff


  • salmon cream cheese
  • Norwegian smoked salmon 250 g
  • rosemary to taste
  • about 50 Pavone cream puffs

Open the pack of 50 Pavone cream puffs and cut them in half as if they were sandwiches.

Once the cream is ready, set in the refrigerator, squeeze it into the cream puffs (about 20 g each) and add a small piece of smoked salmon (5 g). Once the puff is closed, garnish its top with a dot of cream and a very small sprig of rosemary: using the sac-à-few well, the result can only be wonderful!

Finally, put the cream puffs on a serving plate and serve them as an appetizer.


Once ready, you can freeze your puffs and then defrost them at room temperature in about 10 minutes: don’t worry, they won’t lose their crunchiness!


If you don’t have a stand mixer, you can also use an electric hand mixer.

If you don’t have a sac-à-poche, you can use a teaspoon, bearing in mind that it will be more complicated to use.