Pavone. A family history

Our story began in the mid-1950s with the start-up of a small artisan laboratory for the preparation of products that reflect the Bolognese gastronomic tradition (and not only): beignet of various sizes, royal soup, imperial soup and éclair.

After few years from the beginning of the activity, the first fruits of our hard work are seen and the definitive move to the current headquarters in Rastignano – few km from Bologna – takes place, which today has about 4,000 square meters.

Beignet, royal and imperial soup: a production that has always been attentive to quality.

From yesterday’s small laboratory to today’s factorydedicated to industrial production, an important milestone of Pavone family has always been the desire to use quality raw materials, to remain faithful to tradition and taste.
The choice of ingredients is based, in fact, on their organoleptic characteristics, with particular attention to eggs and flour.

Today the company is specialized in production of choux pastry puffs – made for every use in various diameters and with different doughs – and broth delights such asroyal soup and imperial soup.

Pavone Srl is synonymous with “guarantee” and “reliability“: in fact, there are many companies that decided to try our delicacies and have been enthusiastic about it. A satisfaction even more accentuated by our private label service, which allows customers to sign our packaging with their own brand. A mix of ingredients that today take us to boast a company history of over 70 years full of achievements and characterized by products of the highest quality.

Production has always followed the same steps, with maximum attention to the selection of raw materials:

Our tomorrow, between tradition and innovation

Thanks to the new generation that leads Pavone Srl company today, there is a strong focus on innovation and the use of new technologies for the production line.

Heart in tradition and an eye to the future:this is our idea of a company.

Today we churn out more than 2,500 kg of product per day for our customers and we see tomorrow with the same enthusiasm as we did in the beginning
as we have become a solid company that has been on the market for many years and we have never forgotten the path we have taken. Beignet after Beignet.